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So... where IS all the cool stuff?

Julian Fate
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09-18-2005 15:58
Is there a difference between SLindex and the regular "Find" window (soon to be "Directory" in 1.7) other than being accessible outside SL and not governed by the TOS?
Emma Soyinka
Got moo? o_o
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09-18-2005 16:01
Well I think the difference is that Find in SL isn't too good for -actually- finding anything of which you don't already know the name. The descriptions for SL locations inside SL are small and don't fit a lot of text, so searching SLIndex might yield more/better results.
Satchmo Prototype
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09-18-2005 16:54
From: Emma Soyinka
This sounds very cool and useful. I also found http://landmarker.neologasm.org earlier


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Emma Soyinka
Got moo? o_o
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09-18-2005 21:08
That link is in Pathfinder's location notecard thingy too, so hopefully it will grow more, there weren't a -lot- of placemarks there yet.
Janie Marlowe
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09-19-2005 01:18
all you need is one good friend, one good attachment that will make you fly through unrezzed buildings, and one good mode of transportation that you can both ride in to explore aimlessly. i guarentee you would find things worth seeing. to fly and explore alone, find the carbon rod that makes you fly faster than superman - IM me in world and i'll get you a copy of this actually - i couldn't explore at the normal rate of flying, it would drive me batty.

personal fav is the city of atlantis - incredible!

become a profile snooper - lol - and check out what others deem as their favorites spots under their picks. i actually do this a lot and i can't even begin to name the places i've found using this route.

tringo isn't so much like gambling as you might think it is. yeah yeah, i never got over my tringo bug. you basically only have to contribute to the pot and the amount you contribute is your choice, i know peeps who never give more than 10L and you have the possibility of winning a big jackpot. the game itself is so freakin' addictive i play just to play. slingo, tringo, all of those jackpot games also offer a good social outlet to meet people who aren't as into the clubs as so many others.

clubs, yes they will be either laggy or empty. i don't go to them personally. but, i did as a newbie and well there is definatly fun to be had and it is a great way to meet people. for good clubs that are full of people you want to look in the popular places.

the elbow room. its a teeny tiny little club, not so laggy, that shows incredibly old movies on a little screen. why is the elbow room fun? well again, you might meet some wonderful people and because there is something to be said for all the witty remarks a little movie clip or informational message from the 1950s will bring out of your fellow sl'ers.

there are bowling alleys, movie theatres, i believe we now have skeeball, and a million excellent places to see. you can go fishing, you can scuba dive, you can jump on a trampoline, get in a nerf dart fight or kick box the hell out of your best pal. you have to take the initiative to find the places and silly things to do, and this post right here was a great start.

you'll see a trend in everything that people offer up to you as advice. its totally in the people you meet to do these things with. if it were a single player game there'd be no point to it at all. glorified chat with cool things to make you smile. second life is fun because we make it fun. without us, its just a bunch of pixels and shapes.

also on a side note, someone said that all games need to have a jackpot at the end or people won't play them. omg no - someone please make me some dorky board games to just play w/ friends when we get bored. as it is, all i've found is chess (dunno how), spades (puke i played there for over a year) and simon (was fun, but you can only click little color blocks so long before you wish you had a scabble board).
Janie Marlowe
Mischief Maker
Join date: 5 Apr 2005
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09-19-2005 01:19
holy long post, batman. sorry guys, i just hate to think people aren't finding the fun and point in sl.
Cristiano Midnight
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09-19-2005 01:36
I would highly recommend exploring the photo albums Shack Dougall has created on Snapzilla.


The collection is fantastic, and all have links to directly teleport to the locations. Shack has done a wonderful job of capturing some really interesting parts of SL.

I would also recommend the snapshots of Torley Torgeson - they are always unique, like Torley:


As the site has grown, I have found Snapzilla to be a great resource for finding interesting new places and people. Check it out at http://www.slpics.com if you haven't had the chance. With nearly 30,000 snapshots already, there is a lot to explore.

ANOmations - huge selection of high quality, low priced animations all $100L or less.

~SLUniverse.com~ SL's oldest and largest community site, featuring Snapzilla image sharing, forums, and much more.

SuezanneC Baskerville
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09-19-2005 05:35
Nexus Prime is looking good. "Gibson" would be a nice easy answer if someone asks for a cool place to see.

One's favorite choices of planes, hovercraft, skates, jump boosters, and other movement enhancements is a good way to add to the fun of seeing nice builds like Nexus Prime.

So long to these forums, the vBulletin forums that used to be at forums.secondlife.com. I will miss them.

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Snakeye Plisskin
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09-19-2005 07:01
If your looking for some skating action IM Ginny Gremlin or Rat Reviere in game.
Michi Lumin
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09-19-2005 08:36
From: Emma Soyinka
I still need to visit Luskwood actually... I think it was Luskwood. But that hardly seems like a thriving social hotspot from it's description of a wide open nature reserve. :)

What, you've never been to a garden party? You must have totally missed the 1970s.
Emma Soyinka
Got moo? o_o
Join date: 13 Sep 2005
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09-19-2005 08:43
I did miss the 70s actually, and a small chunk of the 80s. :p Then I was born.
Michi Lumin
Sharp and Pointy
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09-19-2005 10:02
That doesn't mean you can't appreciate bell bottoms, olive green, tweed, and fondue.

... Right?
Emma Soyinka
Got moo? o_o
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09-19-2005 10:12
Well I do like fondue at least... :p We're talking regular fondue though, right? Not cheese fondue. I'm not too big on cheese fondue. It's so... cheesy. :D
Ronnie Revere
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09-19-2005 23:02
Emma, thank you for posting; you have been much busier than I since arriving in SL, but I too am starting to wander and wonder. I do love exploring, and have found many lovely places; however, i do find that usually there is noone on the properties and so I lose interest very quickly, despite some of the gorgeous builds.

Because of your post however, there have been so many interesting places posted that I have never heard of, or seen. Maybe we will run into each other at one of them, I love to make new friends :)
Partington Gould
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09-20-2005 11:46
Perhaps there needs to be an explorers group, I've not checked, perhaps there is one already?

We need a meeting place (maybe a room at Abbots) and a suitably elegant method of transport (Balloon?). I'm thinking 'Around the World in 80-days'.

I'd join for sure :)
Caliandris Pendragon
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Come play the pot healers at Numbakulla!
09-20-2005 13:22
I know I am biassed, because I helped to build it, but the Pot Healers adventure in Numbakulla is worth a visit. You can explore only or play the game - and there are plenty of people who will help you out if you get stuck too.

Please go and see Numbakulla...I am sure you will find it worth a visit...or fifty :-).
ArchTx Edo
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09-20-2005 14:19
Go to Elven Glen and explore it while you are there. See the information at the teleport location regarding joining Elf Clan, they have numerous social events such as poetry readings, archery competitions, live music performances, music and drum circles and other activities that will allow you to have fun and meet people.

Also see this post on the Best in Second Life

VRchitecture Model Homes at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shona/60/220/30
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