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OMG!! Jeska STOP!! please?? End the confusion??

Pendari Lorentz
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09-24-2005 16:56
From: Jeska Linden
First, I wanted to clarify that the complete context of the forum thread is taken into account when a particular post is reported. Given the often mis-construed nature of online communication, it is possible that the intent you have had when posting is not properly conveyed by your tone or text and that a moderation move may not be immediately transparent. If a mistake is made in moderation, it is often corrected, as was the case recently when a post which I had thought was about NASA on was first moved to Off-Topic, until someone pointed out it was about building NASA equipment in-world, when it was then moved to the building forum for further discussion.

When a post is moderated in any way, we always list the reason and you are always able to ask the moderators why a particular action was taken. Starting a thread about it may not be the best method to accomplish this – but private messages, email or in-world IMs are all alternate methods of communicating with Lindens. Also, you can all be sure that the forum moderators, myself included, do take the time to read the forums even when there aren't any reported posts.

To clarify, per the Forum Guidelines, any aggressively offensive personal attack made in the forums will be removed, along with any statements that violate the Community Standards. We may also lock threads when there is no obvious constructive discussion going on or when the thread has turned into a space where one or two people are taking turns personally attacking one another.

The purpose of the Second Life Forums is to promote discussion and education about Second Life. I encourage you to utilize the reported posts in a more constructive manner and participate in the forums in a manner which helps prevent situations where threads will be closed. Or if you are interested in a topic brought up in a thread full of personal attacks, start another thread about that topic and have the discussion.

I'm also not clear about why there are so many outcries against moving posts to other, more appropriate forums. The other forums we have created grew organically from within the forum community, when certain topics were identified as interesting enough to the community to necessitate their own space. This allows Residents to find people with similar interests to talk about particular topics.

Thank you very much Jeska for taking the time to respond to my plea. I admit I posted in the heat of the moment, which is *not* a great way to get a point across. But I still feel some good came of this, and you also were able to address a few of my major concerns.

First off, I say again that I do not blame you Jeska. I think you do the best job you can with an odd situation. The forums are as much a part of SL as any Sim in world. Unfortunatly, the forums are treated differently and have their own set of rules. This makes it hard. I referrenced Robin's post to me because it details again the subtle hint that while we cannot rally against a Business, Person, or Idea in the forums, we *can* do so in world. Granted without "personal" attacks, but still, we have much more freedom in-world than here on the forums. When the forums were open to non-SL residents, I could see a need for a tighter fist, but that is no longer the case.

The world has grown, and the forums with them. Both are open to SL residents only. And the forums have become a gathering place for those who wish to talk about SL. Who wish to relate on various issues, and who simply want to get to know one another even though it is not always possible in the big wide world of SL. This is our "Town Pub". And it is as important to us as our "in world experiences".

You state that every time a post is reported, each post is taken into context with the entire thread. I feel this is not the case, but if you say you do so, then I will not doubt you.

I see many posts moved that I think should not be. I see threads closed before they resolve themselves. But that is only *my* opinion. And the opinion of the person who takes action (ie the moderator). I've seen threads last longer than they "should" have, that ended up teaching me something. And that ended very well. I've also seen posts closed during the climax, and it just left sour feelings and days of work around to address the subject and close it on our own terms.

To me, I think the various forum categories *are* a good thing! I think they help with focus when a person is looking for a particular item. However, I also think that if a thread is in any way related to SL, but does not have a "heading" it can go under, then it belongs in General. I think that threads that discuss Policies of SL do *not* belong in the Political forum. Many people who have no interest in seeing a government in SL, still are very much interested in discussions of policy. If those threads are moved to the Political forum, we miss out on a lot of viewpoints that we would otherwise get to hear if that Policy thread were left in General.

Poems about SL, experiences in SL. Demographics, history, good times and bad times. Any thread about those issues that is actually about the SL side, should *never* be moved to Off-Topic. General forum is just that. General.

Gah, if anything we could use a Limbo forum. A forum where, when the mod can't decide exactly which forum heading a thread belongs unde, let it move to Limbo with the moderator's suggestion of where they think it should be. Then give it X amount of time for people to respond with their opinions before that thread is moved where the Mod thinks it should be. It gives us a chance to explain why we think a thread should be in a particular spot, but it also makes us straighten up and explain our positions to the mod.

I do not want more work for you Jeska (and I do think more mods would go a long way to help the situation.. but I also know LL is still growing, just like we residents are). And again I do not doubt that you do the best you can and I personally have always liked you. But the forums mean a great deal to many of the SL residents. We have freedoms in world we do not have here. And if we have to have some restrictions, I think we could all be happy if we at least had a bit of compromise.

EDIT TO ADD: Of course, these are just my thoughts and opinions based on my personal observations of the forums. My ideas are just mine, and of course I do not always have the best ideas. So I agree that a town hall type event that focuses on Forum Policy discussions would be a great idea as others have suggested! :)
Pendari Lorentz
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09-25-2005 05:02
I just edited my above post to add something I forgot. Namely that I agree with others that there should be a Town Hall event on this issue. My ideas are certainly not always the greatest (and I'm often a person who tries to do things the hard way when someone else can come up with a much more simple solution). So I'm just saying that I am course am open to opposing viewpoints as well as other ideas on this issue. These were just my personal thoughts and observations that I've had for a while now. And you all know I'm not perfect. :o
*hugs everyone*
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09-25-2005 06:55
This post moved to Petulant People Who Post Purple Prose.

Residents are reminded of Forum Guideline Number 27b/6 which says:

"Forum Posts Shall be made only in Blue. Blue Shall be the color of all Forum Posts and the color of All Forum Posts shall be Blue. Purple shall thee not post with, nor shall ye post with Green, Cyan ye shall not post with lest ye remove the Green from the Cyan prior to Posting thus yielding Blue. Posting in Red is Strictly Forbiden. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to post in alternative colors. And you will know my name is the Administrator when I lay my vengeance upon thee."
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