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bigmoe Whitfield
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03-05-2009 21:51
From: Nervul Viper
i think anybody would want to find out how to find someone without that someone to find out...so...what i'm trying to ask is there is any hud or something witch can show where a person is,and that hud or program to tell the name or locatin...if anybody knows please answer here or IM me...thank you

That falls under the Terms of Service as privacy invasion and you would most likely get banned for too.
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Kat Sabetha
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I need help with hovering issues.
03-24-2009 14:48
This may be simple but I seem to be standing above the ground and I am not flying. I am i would say atleast a half meter off the ground standing, walking, or sitting. Can anyone throw a suggestion my way?
Likos Frostbite
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Join date: 3 Jul 2009
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sorry but this Age Veryfikatyion is killing me
07-04-2009 03:37
i an 18 an older in the real life i live in Tbilisi Georgia i have no passport because it is not done yet is will be done in 45 days But i realy need to pass the verifecatyin now!i dont have the druvers licence!fo what can i do?help me please!!!
Bia Little
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10-19-2009 09:59
Is there a way to access my textures outside my SL browser?

In mid 2008 I uploaded quite a few personal photographs that I recently lost and can currently only view them while logged on to SL.

I could do screenshots I suppose and then make copies in PaintShop.... but of course I'd lose some of the quality/take forever etc etc

So.... is there a way, while logged on here.... to access my Inventory folder textures?

Thanks for any help.

Meade Paravane
Join date: 21 Nov 2006
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10-19-2009 10:03
SL itself doesn't have anything like that.

If you have full perms to a texture, you can double-click it in in your inventory then do File->Save Texture to save it back to your hard disk.
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