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Your Creativity and your Sl Partner

Madiera Westerburg
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10-07-2005 00:56
merwan you are a sweetie...im sure there is somethin merc sees in you that you cant see yourself....like a lot of us see how wonderful you are...hugs you
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From: Neehai Zapata
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David Valentino
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10-07-2005 01:16
From: Merwan Marker
I'm not a good SL partner to Mercurious. I really am not.


I'm not certain why this is - she's been so wonderful to me in SL - loving, fun, always encouraging me to come inWorld... She has always been very supportive of me. First with Awakening Avatars, then SLEx (hell, she really was very influential - gave me many names of people to approach regarding listing their creations for the initial launch), was the designer, and builder of my living platform in Kelham and, with River Donovan the builder of the first SLEx commerce center. And when The Troubles began, she was amazingly supportive - spending hours with me, loving me, helping my healing process, then giving me the perception of love that really was essential for my moving forward and finding forgiveness within.


I can't even get it together to marry her - to focus to write vows, to be the partner worthy of her, to embrace the world she wants with me here.


No excuses - just the truth - I'm not a SL good partner to Mercurious.


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David Lamoreaux

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Foolish Frost
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10-07-2005 08:11
Ah now! That's a beautiful subject if ever I heard one!

Now, Botany Black has always been my personal muse. The lass knows exactly what to say to get my creativity flowing in the right direction!

And her creativity aint bad either. She can twist a prim with the best of them!
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