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Art museum... any demand?

Lordfly Digeridoo
Prim Orchestrator
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10-03-2005 08:19
From: Adrienne Belvedere
Im a Artist, Ive created art peices for freinds in SL, but i havent got any work up in gallerys as yet (abit shy about my art) im intrested in displaying my work - if you should need any more artists

As i said, I'm still accepting submissions. up to ten art pieces per artist :)
Selador Cellardoor
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10-09-2005 04:38
Well, I'm glad to say that the Selador Gallery is built, and showing some good work. I have a top floor which I am going to reserve for one-man shows and exhibitions. If you are interested, it is at Umber (213,42)

I'm still interested in this list of sl galleries. Is someone doing this?
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