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Is Forum Moderation a Paid Position?

Zachariah Zelmanov
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Join date: 24 Sep 2006
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01-19-2007 08:30
I would like to know if the 16 Forum Moderators get paid or receive any form of compensation. If so, I would like to sign up and get paid to ignore posts too. There are questions posted in this "Linden Answers" Forum dating back to 1/12/2007 with no answer, and have not been deleted, edited or moved to another forum, i.e. ignored.

Is the problem that 16 moderators is not enough, due to RL scheduling and availability of the living eyeballs needed to read the posts? Or is it the process of answering a post with a "correct" or "politically correct" answer is too cumbersome? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

I apologize for the sarcasm, but alot of paying residents would like some kind of answer in a relatively short period of time. I am still waiting for an answer to my previous post:

Thank you,
Zachariah Zelmanov

"Incompetence is the worst form of corruption."
Kelly Linden
Linden Developer
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01-19-2007 08:39
Unfortunately, not a single one of those listed moderates is a full time forum moderator. In fact for almost all of them, moderating the forum is not even close to their primary duties.
- Kelly Linden