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Kelly: Object Keys & XMLRPC Channels INDEED changed after region restart

Travis Lambert
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01-09-2007 11:25
Hi -

Kelly responded to several previous XMLRPC questions with the request that we let you know if Object Keys/RPC Channels change when a region has not been moved. It was not specified the method you wished us to communicate this to you, so I'm doing it here.

Here was my original question: /139/65/159116/1.html

I'm not certain what you mean by 'Region Move' - but I'm assuming you mean a region being moved to a different location on the map.

In any case - the following events happened today:

8:00am - Object named "Security" located at Isabel (39.825001, 246.250000, 80.593002) is operational, and working fine. Object UUID: 947918eb-9fa4-dc26-253f-2026e224e023

9:00am - Isabel Sim goes down

10:00am - Isabel Sim is back up

10:12am - Object named "Security" located at Isabel (39.825001, 246.250000, 80.593002) reports having a new Object UUID: 1b66a85e-a33d-f4c5-1a62-78fb0f251d11, and the previous RPC channel of: 096d76e9-29f2-4563-c241-f687dcb72d59 is now invalid. (If you want the new channel, please contact me privately).

This object was not re-rezzed, or changed in any way. How did it get a new Key?

If I can provide any further information, please feel free to contact me.


Edit: If by "Region Move", you mean simply being moved to a new server hostname - and you're stating that as normal behavior under that scenerio, objects change their asset UUID's....... isn't that a HUGE deal, with HUGE implications? It would break all sorts of scripts if UUID's change.

Functions like llEmail(), llGiveInventory() and llRemoteLoadScriptPin() depend upon being able to reliably anticipate what the destination object's key is, among others!

From my experience, server hostnames change often. Sometimes several times within a month, if not more.

At the very least, shouldn't this behavior be well documented, if not considered a bug?
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Kelly Linden
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01-11-2007 18:02
I've added your comments and some internal logs from those crashes to our internal issue tracker. I think I have some idea why this happens, but I'm not 100% sure it catches all cases.

If this continues to happen, please continue to send in this same kind of data. Sending through the normal bug reporting channels is fine. In fact there might be a place in the new public jira to put it, and just keep adding new instances as comments as they occur.
- Kelly Linden