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Discussion: Short-Term CopyBOT countermeasure

Ethan Cinquetti
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11-14-2006 10:11
[Source removed.]

The idea was to rez one of these here or there in public venues, where they could be consensually managed by hosts and their guests, with a reasonable return of some protection in exchange for the modest inconvenience caused by the logoff ping.

The idea was not to saturate the grid with them.

The item is no longer available from me.

-- ethan
Nada Epoch
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Original Thread
11-14-2006 12:31
i've got nothing. ;)
Llauren Mandelbrot
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For your information...
11-14-2006 13:15
This script already has a discussion thread here.
  1. ninjafoo Ng Says:
    November 4th, 2006 at 7:27 am
    We all love secondlife so much and were afraid that the magic will end, nothing this good can ever last…. can it?

Jesse Barnett
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11-15-2006 09:54
Ethan I was the first one to protest your script, but I also understand that you did it to try to help the community. So I will be the first also to tell you not to be discouraged.
I (who is a she not a he) reserve the right to exercise selective comprehension of the OP's question at anytime.
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Winter Ventura
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11-15-2006 10:27
As someone who REALLY hates object spam.. I applaud your intentions regardless of how much the result personally irritated me.

The simple fact is, that crossing a sim this morning, I ran across no less than 5 of the things, some with different names. They're hidden.. often on land with ban lines, so it's difficult to find them, much less click them.

The result of your valiant efforts has become perverted into something you never expected.. just like copybot itself.

I don't fault you for writing it, nor do I fault the person "selling" it for free on SLX (even I got one to see how it worked)... the people I fault are the ones hysterically closing up shops, deleting their inventories and closing sims and shops in protest, creating a "run" on the linden.

The original script was thought up in the heat of the situation, and not a lot of forethought was given as to the consequences of the script's behaviour being spread to THOUSANDS of users all in a panic.

Sadly, I think we may be muting these things for months. That's not your fault... it's the fault of people panicking. You did the right thing by pushing out a piece of code in an effort to stop the madness.. you also did the right thing by pulling it when you realised the misuse.

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