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Sensor Notice

Joker Opus
Registered Usimibober
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01-20-2007 15:12
I help manage a few sandboxes, so one day I thought of a simple idea of a 'Sensor Notice'.
This is sort of like a linden notice, only its range is limited, and its in the form of a dialog menu.
Yes I know its simple, but maybe someone can find use for it like I have.


///////////Created by Joker Opus, December///////////
//Revised by Strife Onizuka
touch_start(integer num_detected)
llSensor("", NULL_KEY, AGENT, 96, PI);//This scans on touch
sensor(integer count)
integer i;
for(i = 0; i < count; ++i)
llDialog(llDetectedKey(i), "Hi all, I am testing this!", ["Ok"], 12345); //This is dialog, it looks like a notice, and it says "Hi all, I am testing this!" and it has an [ok] for a button, indicating the notice look. and the OK gets rid of the pop up.
Jøkêr Øpüs
Nada Epoch
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Discussion Thread
01-21-2007 16:53
i've got nothing. ;)
Aster Anza
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01-22-2007 22:01
Those are neat ideas except a sensor can only detect 16 avatars at once. You will have problems if your sandbox has any popularity.And llDialog sleeps the script for two seconds so the last person gets the message 32 seconds after the first