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Advanced Pet 'Float and Follow' script for pets. Based off Logan Bauer's work.

Foolish Frost
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04-18-2005 03:40
After looking at the basic pet script for making a following per, I decided to upgrade it for a slightly more organic movement model.

See here for the original script...

While I might sell the bots later, I felt it was a good idea to share the script upgrade publicliy. Only right since based off another's open-source work.

// Open Shifting Float and Follow Script, by Foolish Frost. //
// From Open Basic Follower/Facing Script, by Logan Bauer. //
// OFFSET is the position of your pet in relation to it's owner's position.
// For example, in the default setting below, "vector offset =<-1,0,1>;"
// I.E. (x,y,z), the -1 puts it 1m back behind owner, the 0 means don't have
// it stay left or right, and 1 means have it stay 1m above it's owner.
// So, if you wanted the script to make it follow directly in front of you,
// and to the left, then you would change it to "vector offset =<1,1,0>;"

// llFrand(float max)

vector offset =<-1.2,0,1>;
vector currentoffset =<0,0,0>;
float xshift =.2; //How far it roams forward and back.
float yshift =1.25; //How wide it roams left to right.
float bob =2; //multiplyer of the BobCycle listed below.
float shifttime =5; //average time it takes to shift to another XY position.
integer timeset=0; //Is the timer running?
float currentxshift =0; //current X shift position
float currentyshift =0; //current Y shift position
float currentyfacing =0; //currentyfacing storage
integer currentbob; //current state of the BobCycle
float bobbing =0; //bob storage
list BobCycle = [0.0, 0.08, 0.12, 0.14, 0.15, 0.14, 0.12, 0.08, 0.0, -0.08, -0.12, -0.14, -0.15, -0.14, -0.12, -0.08];

vector pos = llGetPos();
key id = llGetOwner();



on_rez(integer start_param)

sensor(integer total_number)
vector pos = llDetectedPos(0);

bobbing = llList2Float(BobCycle, currentbob)*bob;

currentoffset = <currentxshift, currentyshift, bobbing>;
if (currentyshift>=0)
currentyfacing = currentyshift;
} else {
currentyfacing = currentyshift*-1;

llLookAt(pos+<0,0+(currentyfacing*.33),1+bobbing>, 1 , 2);

currentbob = currentbob +1;
if (currentbob == 16)
currentbob = 0;

timeset = 1;


timeset = 0;
currentyshift = llFrand(yshift*2)-yshift;
currentxshift = llFrand(xshift*2)-xshift;
Nada Epoch
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Discussion threadt:
04-21-2005 22:31
i've got nothing. ;)
Severe Whiplash
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06-09-2005 06:17
Another prime example that i shud frikkin well check these forums more than i do, i made a Sith Seeker Droid can just as easily be a Normal seeker droid but none the less a Star Wars Seeker Droid replica, this script shud be a very good start in getting it script :D

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Kipani Oceanlane
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Beginner seeking help...
01-15-2008 10:08
Hi I'm new & trying to learn how to do so many things inside SL...

basic question here is... if I make an object, to be like a pet, where do I enter the script? Mind you I'm new & really want to learn this as a HUGE stepping stone in the learning process :o) New to scripting.

Also any suggestions on a site or something to help advise on building a pet? I know for clothing they have many tutorials with maps to guide you etc. Anything like that for making an object like a pet?