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Encrypt data stored on computer by SL that could be used for nefarious purposes.

Gordon Wendt
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11-15-2007 13:10
Name:SignpostMarv Martin
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All this was easily attainable using LSL, though I got the initial key from the w-hat database since it was fast and convenient. Had you been in the same sim as me I could have gotten your avatar height as well as a few other details and that would also be attainable if you were in the same sim as an object with a script crafted to collect that information.

I could also quote off your profile information and probably even get a copy of the pic of yourself in your 1st life tab though that would be repetitive and pointless since anyone can find it anyway, just like your key and that other data.
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Kyrah Abattoir
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11-15-2007 14:04
This Thread Is Almost 2 Years Old

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Usagi Musashi
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11-15-2007 17:27
From: Kyrah Abattoir
This Thread Is Almost 2 Years Old

Oh no! again someone brought this out of the trash can? :eek:
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