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Free Templates Part 4 - Final CMFF Master Templates.

Chip Midnight
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Join date: 1 May 2003
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03-31-2005 20:51
Here's the final complete CMFF clothing and skin templates with lots of useful features to make your life easier. Use them any way you like, just please keep my name on them if you modify them.


Color Coded Seam Guide: the wide color blocks along the edges show what seams connect to what. The colors and number labels correspond to connecting seams.

Color Coded Edge Guide: The multicolored stripe along the outer edges show what polygon edges connect together. Connecting edges share the same color.

Shading Guide Layer: Shows some faint shading to help you figure out how the template corresponds to the shape of the avatar and where things like nipples, toes, toenails, and fingernails are located.

Skirt Matching Guide: The upper body and skirt templates are marked with colored vertical stripes. Use them to match details from top to skirt for doing dresses.


512x512 versions of these templates have now replaced the old Linden templates as the official template downloads. You can find them in the download section of the website:


You can download the layered 1024x1024 PSD files from the following locations:

http://goodies.onrez.com/shop/chipmidnight/[url]Thanks to Electric Sheep Company for the hosting.

Thanks to Ann Otoole for generously donating her bandwidth.

Thanks to PK Pounceworks and Pavcules Superior.

Here are some direct download links generously provided by Mephisto Brennen:

All templates in one zip:

Individual templates:

They can also be dowloaded as a torrent. See the post at the following URL for instructions:

[url=/109/72/40762/8.html#post1471679]/109/72/40762/8.html#post1471679[/url] Thanks to Suzhanna Rossini for setting that up.

If you don't want the layered PSD versions you can grab the flattened JPG versions from this post:


If for some reason you're looking for the original LL templates you can find them here:


-------------------------OTHER STUFF-----------------------------

There are some other great templates by Robin Sojourner you should take a look at also, especially if you prefer to work with vectors. You can find them here:


Pyxel Courier created a nifty tutorial for combining all the features for my and Robin's templates along with some general useage tips. You can find it here:


I've also created some handy topography guides for male and female shapes to aid in shading and feature placement. You can find them here:


There are also some guides to help you plot horizontal lines like stripes and hemlines on the male and female avatars. Thanks to Arikinui Adria for hosting them:


Aeron Kohime has created some excellent shadow and highlight templates to help you add realistic shading to avatar textures. You can find them in this thread:


If you need additional help in trying to figure out how to use these and other SL templates, there's an instructional article in the first issue of Second Style Magazine,


You should also download the Linden supplied templates, clothing guide, and sample textures from the downloads section of this website.


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Zuzi Martinez
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03-31-2005 21:18
you are an awesome possum.
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Chip Midnight
ate my baby!
Join date: 1 May 2003
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03-31-2005 21:24
Thanks Zuzi! Turns out I had time to finish them today after all. :)

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Zelinna Jacques
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Join date: 17 Aug 2004
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03-31-2005 21:26
Thank you Chip for your work and generousity to share ;)
Hugs, Z
Aaron Levy
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Join date: 3 Jun 2004
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03-31-2005 21:46
Hey Chip, I have 2000GB of traffic all pretty unused right now, and I would be happy to host the files for you. I'll also send you a PM about it.
Lo Jacobs
Awesome Possum
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03-31-2005 22:09
From: Zuzi Martinez
you are an awesome possum.

Yayyyy!! Someone else uses that phrase!!

Chip, I have to agree. You're just about the awesomest possum that ever lived :D
http://churchofluxe.com/Luster :o
Chip Midnight
ate my baby!
Join date: 1 May 2003
Posts: 10,231
03-31-2005 23:18
Thanks you guys :) And thanks Aaron for volunteering to host them! Very generous of you.
We're getting it set up now so they should be downloadable very soon. Woot! :)

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Chip Midnight
ate my baby!
Join date: 1 May 2003
Posts: 10,231
04-01-2005 01:18
I edited the original post to add a link to the page where you can download the PSD files. Thanks again Aaron! :)

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Maggie Miller
~Welsh Girl~
Join date: 17 May 2003
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04-01-2005 04:23

You are WAYYYYY up there on people I admire in SL.

You consistently make quality products and you are generous and helpful at the same time.

Geeeez....you're just a NICE guy.

Thanks for the templates.
Eggy Lippmann
Join date: 1 May 2003
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04-01-2005 04:57
From: Zuzi Martinez
you are an awesome possum.

Yes, and he kicks Dr. Machino's butt!
Namssor Daguerre
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Join date: 18 Feb 2004
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04-01-2005 06:55
Thanks for sharing all your hard work Chip!
Bobby Dayton
Test Pilot for Airfix
Join date: 15 Nov 2003
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04-01-2005 07:53
Does this part 4 replace the other three parts or is it advisable to collect them as well to work with?

Thank's for the hard work Chip.
Chip Midnight
ate my baby!
Join date: 1 May 2003
Posts: 10,231
04-01-2005 10:08
Thanks all :)

Bobby, you may find the previously posted templates useful still, but they probably aren't necessary if you use these PSD files. I don't think there are any features on my other templates that aren't on these new ones also. It's just a matter of personal preference. If you're unable to use the layered PSD files then I'd grab the jpg versions from all of the free templates threads :)

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Nephilaine Protagonist
Join date: 22 Jul 2003
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04-01-2005 11:33
Chip rocks my face. These are fantastic! :D
Bobby Dayton
Test Pilot for Airfix
Join date: 15 Nov 2003
Posts: 206
04-01-2005 11:42
Thank's Chip I will grab the PSD ones> I prefer them anyway.
Chip Midnight
ate my baby!
Join date: 1 May 2003
Posts: 10,231
04-01-2005 14:47
Many thanks for all the kind words! :) I just uploaded them and applied them to a skin to check the accuracy and they seem to be dead on (woot!). I added a pic to the first post showing it worn as a skin. These should make precision work a whole lot easier. If you'd like a copy of the skin just ask and I'll drop one on you in world. It's useful for checking your clothing uploads.

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Meilian Shang
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Join date: 22 Mar 2005
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04-01-2005 19:00
Thanks again Chip, and thank you Aaron for the generous donation of bandwidth I just sucked down. :D At nearly 10MB a pop (zipped!) these templates are nothing to sneeze at!
Ursula Madison
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04-02-2005 03:05
I [heart] Chip Midnight. :D
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Mimi Coral
Join date: 22 May 2004
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04-02-2005 12:28
I love you Chip! You are awesome:D
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Roseann Flora
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04-02-2005 17:46
Good work on the templates!
Tanaquil Karuna
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Join date: 19 Aug 2004
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04-02-2005 23:36
Thank you so much for sharing your hard work, Chip. I can't express enough how helpful the previous templates you shared have been, and no doubt that these ones will just be even more useful! :)
Spider Mandala
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04-04-2005 23:10
You know... wow, just wow. I remember version what? 1.01 or something WAY back when. These are seriously amazing Chip they've come a long way. The time and effort and generosity you've poured into these is just amazing. Even through all the BS you had to put up with posting the older versions, you just keep on impressing us. much much props.
Where are all the smart asses piping up about how Chip: "stole the templates and claimed creidt" now?

yeah, thas right... respect STFU

as always:
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Chip Midnight
ate my baby!
Join date: 1 May 2003
Posts: 10,231
04-05-2005 08:01
Aw thanks Spider. SL has been very good to me. This is just my way of giving something back. It's not pure altruism. I wanted to use them too! :D Getting a line to match up over a UV seam shouldn't be some kind of proprietary knowledge, hehe. These are probably the last templates I'll do until LL changes the avatar mapping, though I may add a new reference layer for the PSD versions now and then.

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New Hope
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04-05-2005 08:11
Ty Ty Ty :)
Cristiano Midnight
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04-05-2005 10:08

Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing these with the community. I have added a link to the site hosting the downloads into the "Where can I download the clothing templates?" article in the SLuniverse Knowledge Base, since it is one of the most viewed articles on the site.


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