02-08-2010 07:22
It's truly amazing how LL is giving away houses & land on mainland while premium members and land owners bear the burden of paying for it all with the last increase in tier fees!!!
Can someone tell me what we were given in return for the increase in tier fees last year???

Have you even considered that with more and more land being created and bought up that LL is already making more money? Have you once considered giving something for the increase besides the services we are already paying for??

Rumors abound!!! Most believe the increase came as a result of LL losing a major law suit to a vendor on SL. Some believe it's just an attempt on LL's part to make more money and see what the market will bear.

So? My question is what did we get for the increase?? As a premium member, I pay about 2,500 L$ a month, albeit I get around 1,200 back in stipend. Yet the fact remains, I pay the same for land a non premium member pays so all I can see as a benefit of premium membership is a free house and live chat support?!?!?!?! After 2 years, a free house???
The only benefit aside from those mentioned above is "we" can buy land from LL. That is if we want to pay 1,000 USD for a full sim and then 400USD a month in tier fees!! So where's the big break of premium membership and what did we all get for the increase in tier fees I ask??? Soooooooo, what is LL prepared to do for the premium members and SL as a whole for the increased fees,,,,,, besides a free house