10-07-2009 20:55
I've been reading a lot of the posts about technical issues with SL and have come to a conclusion,(though not a totally educated one),that something might be able to help further the world of Second Life.So far,SL is an online world,as is 'World of Warcraft',both being able to manipulate their worlds as wished,though said worlds are quite different. In WoW ,using mods that just plug in after you easily create them,and the complicated inworld building in SL. I dont know how the inner mechanics of World of Warcraft are,but I do know that there are some similarities to SL going on. If WoW can run online,have chat,create and manipulate avatars,add to its world,..then something about it is akin to SL's workings.Though it is Morrowind and Oblivion who take Avatar creating to new heights,quite as closely as SL has. I have also read that people have a lot of issues in SL with both the chat and avatar features.
Perhaps if those at Linden were to take a look at the engine used to run World of Warcraft,some of the issues might be absolved. People might come across several of my posts recently,and I tend to speak about three games.The reason is that the games I mention hcan be rearranged at will,as can SL. The reason for this is that the problems I read posted about SL have been removed in World of Warcraft (Also in the two offline games).You can build things such as Castle and develop the land freely in Morrowind as all land is free to use.Though building is a lot easier without the prims problems,micro acres,etc.Morrowind is one of the two offline games of the three I am speaking of.I just know that there can be things in those three that could be of help to the developers of this SLs new world.The last of these games that might help is Oblivion,which came after and furthered its inworld experiences far beyond it's sister,Morrowind.Both by Bethesda.
Ireally do believe it might behoove those at Linden to buy the games,and look under their hoods.Also to go online and figure out how World of Warcraft has done it,and adapt the formulas to SL.Maybe? I hope I am not going too far out on the line here.I only want to make things better for those who put their money into their world,and those without the funds to pay,but still love Second Life enough to stick with it. (thought they can only chat and change their avatars around).Lol! THATS a lot of fun in itself,isnt it!