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NEW Univ. Binary

Gaius Bedlam
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Join date: 22 Jan 2006
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04-20-2006 00:27
Wow, you Linden (guys and gals) rock! This Univ. Binary is great! I did not encounter any problems yet!

running a 20" 2Ghz iMac 2GB/500GB/256VRAM
kerunix Flan
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Join date: 3 Sep 2005
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04-20-2006 08:30
I just got my macBook Pro
2Ghz duo core
7200 RPM HDD
ATI X1600 256MB GDDR3

it work *GREATLY*
And a lot better than my Barton 2600+, 1GB RAM, ATI 9200SE ;)

more data/benchmark to come :)