04-05-2006 12:55
The 1.9.0(21) Mac Universal Binary alpha is now available for download here:


Full release notes for 1.9.0(21) are as follows:

Release Notes for Second Life 1.9.0(21) Apr 5, 2006
* Trees should not steal focus from selection tool when selecting objects nearby
* Reverted llXorBase64Strings to previous (pre-1.9.0) functionality
** This call is deprecated, but restoring the old behavior allows exising content to continue to function
* Implemented llXorBase64StringsCorrect
** This new call properly implements the Xor function on two Base 64 strings
** Performs an exclusive or on two Base 64 strings and returns a Base 64 string
*** s2 repeats if it is shorter than s1
* Animation permissions revoked after you stand up from an object that was animating you
* Click-dragging on an attachment no longer moves cursor to an unexpected spot
* Improved message when logging in a user who is still being logged out