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Pg up/Pg Down

Blazen Glass
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Join date: 15 Feb 2006
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04-02-2006 22:10
I do not have seperate pg up/pg dn keys they are the same as my arrows. How do I activate the pg up/pg dn command on a I book?
Alexander Daguerre
Junior Birdman
Join date: 9 Jun 2004
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04-03-2006 00:21
I don't have an iBook, but on my PowerBook you use the up and down arrow keys while holding down the "fn" key. Does that work for you?
Laukosargas Svarog
Angel ?
Join date: 18 Aug 2004
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04-03-2006 02:59
use the E and C keys.

and ADWS for arrows too.

Works on my powerbook, can't think of any reason it should'nt on a macbook!
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Missy Malaprop
♥Diaper Girl♥
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04-04-2006 22:04
the pgUp and PgDn keys, as well as the Home and end keys, all written on the arrow keys, are used while holding the Fn key down. it works in SL too. But it probably is easier to use the movement keys that are on the normal letters for SL as Laukosargas Svarog suggests