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SL and dual cores

Lenno Kim
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05-22-2006 19:16
does anyone know if the universal binary version on SL is compiled for dual cores...

Performence on my Macbook is great (concidering ive gone from a 1ghz iMac with a Geforce4mx) but i want to know if there will be updates in the future that will continue to improve performence.

just let me know
Dani Frua
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05-23-2006 00:25
The assumptions on these forums has been that it runs on a single core. Although I haven't heard this from a linden, the regular contributors on the subject seem to be right on everything else they say.

When I'm running SL on my Macbook Pro, and I also run Activity Monitor, I have never seen SL use more than 100% processor power. If I run several apps, then the totals often run over 100% which I assume to mean that both cores are being used. The graphical representation of CPU usage shows two lines, one for each core.
Laukosargas Svarog
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05-23-2006 03:42
To the best of my knowledge the SL core is single threaded. ( Yes you read that correctly ! ). It certainly used to be and I've never seen any announcements to suggest that situation has changed. If it's only using 100% I would guess it's still true. :eek:

I'm waiting on delivery of a MacbookPro, I'll probably do some simple measurements myself when I get it. If I discover anything worth mentioning I'll post up for the geeks ;)
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