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Cannot upload sounds

Zorin Frobozz
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Join date: 21 Mar 2006
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03-31-2006 10:12
I found that I can't upload sounds in the Mac UB client. I get the following error:

Couldn't open temporary compressed sound file for writing: /private/var/tmp/folders.501/TemporaryItems/SecondLife/4225fdd0-512b-d463-f44e-e8bd57cf866a.tmp

I checked that folder, and my user account does indeed own it and can write to it just fine.

Any ideas?

Garicho Fatale
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04-01-2006 06:23
Having the same problem. Sent an official report. This is killing me because I make gestures, now I cant do a damn thing. I sent the report a couple of days ago and gave Adam Linden my ticket number personally in IM.
Karen Linden
Dev. Program Manager
Join date: 25 Jul 2005
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New bug!
04-01-2006 10:02
This is a new issue. I have created an internal bug for it, to be addressed ASAP.
Brent Linden
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04-03-2006 11:51
Just a reminder: The Mac Universal Binary Alpha is just that: Alpha software. This means there may be crippling bugs in it. We strongly encourage you to use the Mac UB Alpha for testing purposes. Mission-critical operations should still be run using the trusty-but-pokey PPC client.
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