01-09-2010 05:21
Been gone from SL for a while.
I'd like to set-up a trustable business for scripting. (LSL, C++,C#, PHP/LSL Communication) or any else store to keep me busy and to support my SL-life. Either ways i have a lack of knowledge in the SL economics/commercial market.

If there is any tutor with a good day's experience with stores/shops/services to borrow out and keep occupied in working days, id be more then over-enthousiastic to start a plan and workout some kind of plan togheter. I cant pay in 'hour-charges', but what is my succes, consider your succes. Commisions e.d or with exceptional succes symbolic payments can be arranged personally. The main point is, i need to start from scratch, but i've got no flicker of an idea how.

Please, only respond to this project's marge if you think you are 'able' to or atleast 'experienced' enough. This is not to bark, but i do not wish to have to try 9 times, and then fail. I need somebody that is serious, but flexible and wise.

There's no prefferance in language, country.

Thanks in advance,