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SL Teen

Diamonda Footman
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01-20-2009 15:27
Is it possible to create a school lab on SL Teen and have adult teachers working in the school?

The lab is designed for SL teens and homework help.

Please help
Torben Trautman
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01-20-2009 15:41
Yes it is possible.
There is two models for your sim. Open Island where all teens from TSL can come but adults can't talk with them in IM or send them items and closed islands where you can meet with the teens that register with your own RegAPI but therefor they can't leave the sim. In all cases the adults working on TSL need to have a background check done before being approved. You can find more information in the wiki: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Teen_Grid
Daniel Voyager
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01-22-2009 06:40
Second Life: Educators Working with Teens: http://www.simteach.com/wiki/index.php?title=Second_Life:_Educators_Working_with_Teens