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date and time

Wotan Forsythe
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05-17-2009 05:54
Im trying to create a script, which will say the current date and time - but not SL time, but our time here in Slovakia which is GMT+2hours!

So I tried it so: integer total_secs = (integer)llGetGMTclock()+7200; /GMT + 7200seconds/

Is there any other way to get our time?

And the other problem is with current date. Is there any function to gain the current date? /I mean Today is 17th may 2009/. And if such function exists, in SL can be other date as here in Europe with GMT+2 time, so next problem is how to obtain the current date here by us...

Thank you!
Oryx Tempel
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05-18-2009 18:18
You'll get a better response in the Scripting Tips forum:


Good luck! :)