09-19-2006 11:12
This forum has seen so many helpful suggestions. Some of these threads are very long and haven't been posted to in months--and were started years ago!

To freshen things up, we've moved this forum into a read-only Archive.

We still wanna hear your feedback, and future topical requests, open calls for your ideas, will be posted on the Official Linden Blog and beyond.

Of course, you may be wondering whatever happened to some of these projects. For example, Cyn Linden has more info on the "creating names" front as to what's going to happen--look out for more news on that.

And llHTTPRequest got implemented and changes to it continue to be made in response to feedback in the latest version of Second Life.

Profile improvements are still very much on our minds, and through the big yummy net of fish we've gotten from you guys, we have a lot of ideas-and-action of how we want to proceed next, including the oh-so-popular "Can't I show as invisible when I logged in?"

It's been a long road, I know--these threads are proof!

There's more to come. As one page turns, a new chapter opens. Thank you graciously for all your valuable contributions. :)