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Penny Tank
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09-11-2006 05:45
Okay so apparently my post about the newbies was not accepted *too* well by the forum admins and the thread now appears to be closed.


Henceforth I am retracting my post and thus voiding this thread next to null in terms of relevancy to the Pol-Sci forum. *shrugs*

But I will positively re-phrase to say this:

Greater assistance needs to be given to the newbie masses and that assistance should not necessarily come just from the players. I have no issue with large numbers of people playing Second Life. Ideally I'd like to see everyone on the internet use SL instead of any other game or messaging system. The game is just *that* much superior and I yearn for the day when VR/AR/BvH technology becomes so economically viable that I can experience full and total in-game immersion with Second Life. :P~~~

Maybe my personal standards are just too high for the current market influx, and perhaps this is a result of playing the game for almost a year now. And of course, I am smarter than most people... even in First Life intelligence can stand in the way of social interaction on a meaningful scale. Obviously that's a personal issue I need to address when interacting with the greater public.

Whereas other games (particularly those in the role playing sector) have areas which are restricted to older users (in the rpg example, higher level characters gain experience in higher level areas), Second Life has few restrictions in terms of where a user can go. Sometimes this can disrupt game play. Sometimes the disruption can be so frequent that it becomes frustrating to other users.

But if popular areas are to remain popular, they do require the newbies to be there, irregardless of their behaviour.

Class will also always remain an issue on Second Life, as with any other social environment. And I suppose with that class division comes economic segregation and thus the success of capitalist ventures in SL will depend upon new users. Albeit some markets benefit more than others (ie businesses in complex service markets may see their targets becoming harder to reach whereas product markets will see an increase in target potential).

Admittedly my original post was a bit harsh, even if I was just trying to start a good discussion on class, game experience, and its effect on economics and politics within the SL world.

I think from now on I will be recommending newbies check out the educational events on offer, as these are probably the most adaptable environments for the newbie market.

In terms of my own capitalist/product venture, I can see where I could be offering higher quality freebies to kick start a newbie's interest in bettering their appearance. That way even if they still act inexperienced, they won't necessarily look it.

In addition to this I have noticed that some areas of niche interest lack information for newbies more than others. Perhaps this could be an entry point for further ventures into the education/service industry.

To resolve my frustration with the newbie characters, I have resolved to make a list of the most common problems newbies face, and find out why they are not already addressed by the current education market. It'll take a while and I'll probably get bored and give up part way through, but I think it's a good resolve for economic/social expansion.

Perhaps if this thread could be re-opened or re-located, other people could share their ideas on how to accomodate a flood of new users into the player base, as a means of bettering the game experience for both old and new users alike.

And once again, sorry if my comments appeared too inflammatory, I really was just trying to start a good debate. I realise now I probably went a little over the top on the *heated* side.
Seraph Nephilim
and the angels will weep
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09-11-2006 05:52
*passes Penny a Valium*
Daemioth Sklar
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09-11-2006 11:59
*throws in a Guinness for good measure*
Travis Lambert
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09-11-2006 12:49
Pssst..... Newbies are future customers. Treat 'em like gold, and you'll be paid back in kind on the flip side ;)
The Shelter

The Shelter is a non-profit recreation center for new residents, and supporters of new residents. Our goal is to provide a positive & supportive social environment for those looking for one in our overwhelming world.
Blissful Valentine
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09-11-2006 12:55
Awwwww, not so many months ago, you were a newbie, too. A moment or two to help someone get a box off their head, to take them to an affordable hair shop, to help them use camera angles might just pay off in ways you couldn't imagine. It's up to all of us to share our knowledge -- or to just say "hello"!