01-12-2007 10:27
This forum has closed. If you have a land management issue that needs to be addressed, please send it to [email]support@secondlife.com[/email] . Putting the tag [Linden Land] at the start of the subject line will help us to deal with queries specific to the mainland.

Land Management FAQ

Why did this forum close?
A forum is no substitute for a support queue that can be managed, resourced and triaged by a team of support agents. We feel that this forum has outgrown its usefulness; many issues are account related making it difficult to respond in a public forum and many can be better addressed by support staff.

I just need a land question answered, where can I find information?
The [link] Knowledge Base has many searchable topics.
While in world, the F1 key covers general help topics.
The in world Help Menu has additional resources, including the volunteer Help Request chat.
Friends and other residents are often ready to share a wealth of knowledge and advice.

How do I address a concern with Linden owned land?
Please detail the concern to [email]support@secondlife.com[/email] with the tag, [Linden Land], in the topic. Always include the exact location that needs to be investigated by including the region name and grid location. Issues that can be addressed like this would include;
* Parcel settings, such as littered plots without auto return enabled or plots that should have scripts enabled, etc.
* Parcel encroachment, when the offending item, usually trees and grasses, are owned by Governor Linden.
* Land that is owned by Governor Linden that appears to have been abandoned by a resident.
* Broken Linden content such as phantom roadway or malfunctioning trains, etc.

Is this land abandoned and can it be auctioned?
Land that is owned by a valid account is not abandoned even if it appears to be unused. If you are able to find the resident name in search, there is a good chance that the land is not abandoned. Please bear in mind that many residents have annual accounts and it may take many months for the account status to change even if they have chosen to leave or use another account. Land will not be reclaimed simply due to inactivity.

If you find that the land owner no longer appears in search, there is a possibility that the land may indeed be abandoned. If the land is owned by Governor Linden, the odds are greater. Email [email]support@secondlife.com[/email] and detail the location of the land including the region name and grid location, and detail the concern that prompted you to investigate the plots status.

Can I buy this land?
Generally speaking, land will need to be made available to all residents via an auction. We are not able to just sell land to the first person that asks about it. Exceptions can be made if the plot is relatively small and the requestor has a logical claim to it. For example, if a thin strip extends into an owned plot or a plot is completely surrounded. Email [email]support@secondlife.com[/email] to make these inquiries.

Land that is owned by Governor Linden and named, Protected Land, will not generally be sold to residents or terraformed.

How do I address parcel encroachment?
If you have an object on your land that belongs to someone else and you are unable to return via the land tools, please IM the owner of the object first and ask to have it removed. Give them some time to respond. You can also ask the owner of the neighboring land to remove the object or the group officers if it is group land. If all routes have been tried and still no resolution, then email [email]support@secondlife.com[/email] and detail the exact location (region and grid numbers) and clearly describe the problem.

Tips for emailing Support
The easier you make it for us to understand your problem and respond, the more likely your support experience will go well. Here are some tips to bear in mind when contacting support.

* Always include both your Second Life name and your real name on all emails that you send to us, even replies.
* Always send the email from the same email account that you have registered against that second life account. For many issues we need to know that you are indeed the owner of the second life account – if you send from email accounts that we do not recognize then it can make things more difficult.
* Please provide the full region name, with the correct spelling, and the coordinates to the plot or object that needs our attention. Both will be shown at the top, in the middle of your screen.
* Good subject lines help a lot. Make the subject very clear, and indicate the type of query you have.

'Please Help!' is a lot less helpful than...
'[Linden Land] Linden land at Ambleside 30,70 needs autoreturn enabled' is much better.

* Send once rather than sending many emails to several addresses. If you get the support autoreply email then we have your email in the support queue and will respond. It will include the support ticket number, which you should keep safe.
* If you are emailing concerning a previous support ticket, then including that ticket will help us tie the two together. If you really can't find it, then telling us when the previous email was sent can also help.

This FAQ does not answer my question!
Please address your questions to [email]support@secondlife.com[/email]