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Why do Liaisons HIDE?

Sami Tabla
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01-09-2007 23:08
In the past few months we've seen more and more Liaisons in invisible mode when supposedly online. Actually... we don't see them.


What good is it having folks not clearly available for issues/conflicts? And why does LL proudly point to new hired Liaisons if no one is ever gonna see 'em?

Are the current genration of Liaisons afraid to actually interact with the residenst? Are do they just think it's cool to be hidden.

Spike Linden actaully told me that "most Liaisons are hidden" recently. He was, of course, hidden... yet was supposedly near me in a sim I couldn't TP out of.

When did this "policy" start taking affect... that of emplyoees who's jobs are supposedly to help and aid residents, "hiding"?

Add in the increasing state of dismal Customer Support via telephones and I understand why confidence in SecondLife is hitting all time lows.

Anyone got a answer?
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Blue Linden
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01-11-2007 17:12
In order to more fairly address issues, it's suggested that people go through Help > Help Request so that they may be triaged and non-urgent calls can be answered in the order they are received. When people IM Lindens directly, it's a bit of a Last-Come-First-Served issue and it's not entirely fair to those waiting in line. Due to heavy support loads, being visible only to the estate you are currently on is often the best way for Liaisons to most efficiently help the largest number of residents. Which is, of course, the best case scenario.

Some Lindens are set to Hidden...this has always been the case. Similarly some Lindens are set to Visible (to everyone, on all grids, at all times) like me! Sure I get 1,627,358 IMs everytime I log in. That's okay, I type fast :)

As far as your suggestion that Liaisons are "afraid" or "hiding"...
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