01-19-2007 17:47
This update is the worst I have ever seen!!!

Right now I am being prohibited from signing in, because the system is supposedly currently logging me off. The problem is, it is not logging me off AT ALL!

Of course, I logged off last about an hour ago, and I can sign in with an alt and see my other account just standing there all stupid, but I cannot log him off.

Every attempt to sign in says that my "Account will not be available until XXXX", where XXXX increments by 5 minutes each time the previous time expires.

Is this a known issue? If you guys manually log me off will I regain access to SL normally?

Okay, I appear to have been wrong that it was the viewer, as I am now (finally!!!) back in-world, and am using the optional viewer.

Still, it took FOREVER to get in :)

And I am still afraid to sign out :(