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The Mechanics of Estate manager Teleportation

Yiffy Yaffle
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01-11-2007 10:18
I remember long ago it was possible (in a sim with a telehub enabled) for a estate manager to completely bypass the telehub when entering the sim. You can still have pinpoint teleportation if your already in the sim, but now to get to it you have to go to the telehub first. I was wondering why it was changed to be this way? What is the real point of it? I estate manage 2 sims and within each sim are hot spots i like to teleport directly to (like my home, and a building area, or the mall). I used to be able to point to the spot on the map and boom i'm there.

I called it the "Estate Manager Ticket". Currently i have to teleport into the telehub and teleport again to get to the spot i want. I find this to be a slight anoyance. I was hoping to get it changed back how it used to be long ago. I've been tollerating this for months now. But as the fur valley continent grows, this becomes an even bigger anoyance. I just don't see the point in forcing estate managers to teleport twice to reach their destination. Anyway i'll look foreward to a linden reply.
Blue Linden
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01-11-2007 17:20
From the Region/Estate > Estate menu, click Allow Direct Teleport. Then you can set Teleport behavior per parcel from About Land > Options to bring you to specific landing points or anywhere at all. This will, however, effect estate managers and the hoi-polloi alike. Hope that helps! :)
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