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Money Transfers, Search > Places both down....

Geddy Overlord
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Join date: 28 Nov 2005
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01-14-2007 11:06
As the title states, Money Transfers and SEARCH > PLACES are both down and when I go to HELP REQUEST to report it, it seems as though my text gets lost in oblivion ... it never appears in the dialog box and gets no response.

Of course, any Lindens who are on right now are hiding... so contacting them directly is impossible and there is nothing mentioned on the BLOG yet and I havent seen any in-world announcements stating if you're aware of it.

My question is..
When can we expect a resolution to these problems... and not just a band-aid but a real FIX?
Robin Linden
Linden Lifer
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01-14-2007 13:21
Hi Geddy,

Please keep an eye on the blog, where we're updating status on the grid problems.