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Open Source Forum in Technical???

Jesse Barnett
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01-08-2007 18:30
I have been away for a couple of weeks and WOW I am impressed with my new Christmas present from LL. I am compiling my own SL client now. I have found my way also over to jira but a forum to discuss the open source client, including being able for noobies to ask questions about compiling it etc would be nice. Everyone that knows me now, knows that I spend 90% of my time in Beta bug hunting and this could add a new dimension to that. I have always been interested in peeking under the hood to get a better idea as to the cause of a bug and to help.

If there was a new open source forum then that would be my first question. What changes would I need to do to run my compiled version in the Aditi grid???????
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Claudia Linden
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01-13-2007 11:06
Hi, Jesse.
Check out the Developer Communication Tools page of the wiki. You'll find links to a Technical talk forum and an email list.