01-19-2007 14:06
I've tried every avenue.
I've made several complaints.
I post here as a last resort.

I own a club called "The Dive" in Noru. It is the FIRST and ONLY such club. An old employee of mine, named Wolfgang Fonck, left the staff long before we even had our opening day. In most scenarios, this would be the end of the story.

One of the things that Wolfgang did was set up the group "The Dive" for all of us to use. He refuses to let go of the group! He hasn't been involved with the club for MONTHS, yet he keeps changing the charter to bash me, changing the logo to disgusting pics, and brings his freinds in, giving them ownership priveleges, etc...basically trashing the group. WHAT DO I DO?

Please don't tell me again to go start a similar group. I already have. Result: People still go to the original group thinking it's the real group. What do I need to do to get LL to forcibly remove his ownership priveleges? I'm CLEARLY the owner of the club.

I have complained numerous times and only get the typical responses.

Somebody help please!