01-14-2007 00:50
This is becoming extremely frustrating to be one of the recently opened island only to be trapped inside or not being able to TP into my own sim, let alone all the people asking me why they cant get in when it's public to visit the shop. :mad:

The only way i can get out thankfully is that i haven't changed my home login point yet to the island.

Is there any resolution to this TPing problem very soon or will i be wasting $195 - $295 USD per month waiting for it to be fixed? Announcements about it being fixed is not good enough anymore.

Sylfie Minogue
Sylfie's Prim Seduction
Come Visit the main store at Sylfie 60, 40, 23

These shoes aren't made for just walking; I like to use them to kick with too!! :D