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Cancelling downgrade

Cuddly Fuhr
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Join date: 2 Jul 2006
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01-12-2007 09:36
I set my account to downgrade to basic, but changed my mind, is there any way to cancel the downgrade of my account to basic?

(I already sent a support request to billing 2 days ago, but nothing happened, so I try it here even if it's not the perfectly right forum for it, sorry)
Jill Linden
Lindens are People!
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01-13-2007 15:52
Hi Cuddly,

The way to cancel a downgrade at this time is to contact support. I had planned on looking into seeing of we can get that changed, thanks for reminding me!

I took care of your request, however I do want to note for other readers that the place to get this type of issue addressed is to email [email]billing@secondlife.com[/email].

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