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Simple Question and i hope also a clear Answer

Motoko Kwon
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01-14-2007 13:38
Ok and before i start, dont delete this thread cause it has no questions cause this thread would have more then one question.

I start playing SL in december 2006, first as Basic and sincs middle of December as Premium. I wanna invest more in SL shure, but i really must say at the moment i´m not shure if my 9.99 $ are to much investet.

I pay 9.99 $ per month, and for this money normally i would see a good game and a good server connection, but in reality i only see, lag, deactivated features, downtimes, transfer errors, dissapearing inventory items and much more.

And now here are the3 Questions, and i really hope that someone of the Lindens Answer this Questions without the public relation Messages, and please dont tell me that "all become better"

1. Why SL is totally unstable and what exactly LL does to fix this problem

2. Why LL deactivate Features which are neccessary like search?

3. what are the problems that SL is often down or not really playable, and with playable i mean more then lagging around

4.Why Linden does not pay all customers some Lindens, if this customers own a bussiness or are premium accounts, or owns a sim or anything else wich cost every month? And the Downtimes and also deactivated Features are very bad for people with bussiness.

5.When the DAtabase load is to much for the servers, why not limit the Unverified Users on the Servers, and log some off? Unverified User dont pay for the game and also dont pay ingame for anything cause most of them onyl take a look and leave.

So please Lindens answer my questions and please answer them truly, i dont wanna hear standard answers.
Robin Linden
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01-14-2007 14:54
Your questions may seem simple, although the answers aren't. But I'll do my best to be clear!

1. Second Life isn't "totally unstable". It's a complex system where the performance you see is affected by a variety of factors, some on the server side, some on the client side, and some on the connections in between. Most of the problems we've had recently, causing us to turn off search, have to do with the transmission of data between the simulators and the asset database. In one instance we had a hardware failure for example. In another a problem with a router. To address these issues we've been working with our vendors, adding hardware, and increasing bandwidth.

2. See above.

3. See number 1, above.

4. We will rebate customers a portion of their monthly US$ expenses if Second Life remains inaccessible after 24 hours of being closed down.

5. We've considered the possibility of metering access to Second Life, and it remains a possibility. I hope we won't have to do that, but if it should ever come to that we'll be as fair as we can.