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Newcomer and having real Problemz!

Nova Desideri
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Join date: 12 Jan 2007
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01-13-2007 09:33
I've just signed up to SL and I'm having real problems with the software I downloaded. When I run the S/W, the window fills with garbage. When I first connected, it worked just fine but now, it's worse than useless.

Response times are awful, menu items don't work, the screen is not rendering, and instructions about how to follow navigation are useless as the navigation signs are simply not there to be followed (eg in trying to enter Badlands, it says follow music notes, except they are nowhere to be seen!).

For example, the option to turn off animations (hopefully this would speed up things) doesn't work.

For the record I'm using a G4 titanium (667mhz) OSX 10.4.8 with 512K of memory and have a 2 megabit broadband connection.

Frankly, unless I can sort this out, SL is simply not worth the frustration.

Kelly Linden
Linden Developer
Join date: 29 Mar 2004
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01-13-2007 10:18
Please note the minimum system requirements on this page:

At the least your CPU is below spec, and you didn't mention your video card which is a key point and may also be unsupported.
- Kelly Linden