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Is anything being done to reduce the massive lag and ongoing constant issues?

Gareee Taov
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01-10-2007 07:26
Hi Just been here a month or so, and just subscribed.

Is anything at all being done to eliminate the massiver lag and constant down issues? In th elast 4 days, SL has been down more then up, and as a new subscriber this concerns me.

The weekend was crap, peak times are bad, and popular locations crawl down to 2 fps, and I have a brand new VERY fast rig and video card.

Possible solutions:

Make free memberships 30 or 60 days only, or eliminate then all together.

At 10,000 only allow paid subscriber connectivity, and post a message about this.. that might encourage non paying members to upgrade as well, much like file sharing setups.

Give linden credits to paid subscribers for downtimes. SL was down for almost the entire weekend, however paid suscribers DID pay for that time, and could NOT play.

Give Lindens back to paid subscribers when they are in areas with massive lag for a huge amount of time.

Maybe when the Lindens see how many paid subscribers are affects, and they actually see a cash flow LOSS because of this something wil be done pronto.

LL MUST take care of it's paid subscrivber base before the free player base, I and KNOW I will NON resubscribe if these isses are not addressed, because the game is almost unusable 50% of the time, and that is not acceptable.

WOW does not have anywhere near the issues SL has, but it is a subscriber based system, without th efree player "hook" SL has.

LL needs to take care of it's paid subscribers FIRST, and they are NOT getting the service they paid for presently, however new people join daily.
Chadrick Linden
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01-11-2007 17:06
Sounds like you are experiencing Bandwidth issues. Please check out our Knowledgebase, located here: http://secondlife.com/knowledgebase/category.php?id=14 and if that doesnt solve your problem, contact [email]support@secondlife.com[/email] so we can troubleshoot your issue.