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Yet another Question

Magnum Serpentine
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01-09-2007 13:49

I was looking in Flickr for open source viewer examples and I happened upon a site in SL called Camp Darfur which is located at the estate sim of Better World, 170, 252,21.

It has existed here for over a year and yet today is the first day I have heard of it.

Is there a way that Second Life can advertise these special areas a lot better? I also just discovered the IBM site only because someone told me about them... There is absolutly nothing about these anywhere ... Anywhere easily accessable that is.

The Reason I have not heard of theses areas, is that there is no mechanism in SL for getting the word out on them. I wonder just how many more areas are there in SL that are like IBM etc?

Couldn't there be something on your home page about the various special areas like Camp Darfur and IBM?

Thank you.
Claudia Linden
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01-13-2007 12:25
Hi, Magnum.
There are many "special" areas in Second Life. We have been highlighting as many as we can in the Second Opinion (be sure to subscribe) but with new places arriving daily, we don't have the time to keep up with them all. Residents like Wagner James Au and Tao Takashi host blogs that will help keep you up to date on what's new in Second Life.