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Request for Linden Labs - RE: Land Sale Search

Charlie Milkic
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01-10-2007 11:49
Just a little request for Linden, maybe something you can consider for an update if you haven't before. Could you amend the land sale search so there is a specific Land Size and/or Price option? Maybe also including an option to search either private sims, mainland or both? Maybe even an option to stop a search partway through?

Because when I am attempting to find a mainland 512m parcel, it's quite annoying that lots of lots come up that aren't the size I am looking for and I have to wait 10-20 minutes until all several thousand I don't want to consider are loaded before I can sort the listings by size.

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Chadrick Linden
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01-11-2007 16:48
I'll forward the suggestion on. Thanks!