01-14-2007 07:40
Last month I ordered my own private island and set up my business. Since then my customers have had a very hard time finding my island (because the search features have been broken) and a nearly impossible time teleporting to my island (because teleporting has been broken). If my customers are unable to find me, and then teleport to me, my business suffers dramatically. My sales over the last month have been a rollercoaster ride of up and downs that follow in lock-step the issues with both searching and teleporting. I assume you will still want me to pay for my private island, regardless of the viablity of my business. So my question is this:

Can you please explain what the technical problem is (particularly with teleporting), what is being done to resolve it once and for all, and when it is reasonable for us to expect a solution?

Thank you.
~ Persephone Milk ~

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