01-14-2007 13:16
I have only been a resident in SL for short period of time (October 2006). However in that short time I have seen SL go from a promising virtual Genesis to a broken promise.
I have read this forum and see the same complaints over and over. I would like honest answers concerning SL's future. I simply do not want an investment that is here today gone tomorrow.

1. Have the SL servers reached its saturation point?
2. Do you really believe that open source is going to make it better and even if it does
3. Do you really believe that it is a short term answer?

My character can't walk, goes on a controlled walk and enters another sim in another region).
My character can't fly ( same reason)
My sl connection is dropped at least once every 30 minutes.
My character freezes at least once every 30 minutes.
My aircraft no longer fly (they drop through the ground and go into infinity).
Some of my inventory still comes up missing and never returns.

Torley this is not meant to be a rant. It is just a frustration that I feel is being related by all of those that come here. They are not simply stating an issue. They are begging for relief. I dearly love SL. and see it as potentially the greatest virtual reality medium ever.
But we the residents need honest answers to real problems.

Thank you.