01-19-2007 16:01
Ok after 7 months it's become painfully clear to me that all linden labs care about is shiney P.R. and making claims they cant back up.

Over my short time here, ive witnessed the grid go from a thriving and entertaining place to be, to a grid full of unverified griefers, constant grid attacks, continuos crashes, bugs oh man the bugs.

Im at my witts end, do you people even listen to us anymore ?
I feel like a broken record i've asked these questions time and time again as have other users and all we get is "we're looking into it , blah blah" or you simply avoid the topic all together and give us some lame excuse about the problems being looked into, it doesnt mean we are ignoring you. Im sorry but anyone with a brain can see you have clearly bitten off more than you can chew, and you dont know what to do about it.

When are you gonna stop adding new features and fix whats broken. If I was one of the thousands of free account users I wouldnt even be here id sit back and shut the hell up.
But as a paying customer I frankly find it insulting that you completely ignore us, and expect us to swallow your pathetic excuses.

I have friends who are loosing a lot of money because of your actions, what are you doing about it ?

The latest update has caused yet another lot of problems which surprise surprise arent mentioned in the blog or the known issues list. Thats probably because people are starting to give up reporting problems because they know of the lack of response they will get.
Or is that your objective, hope that eventually people will give up complaining and just put up with the crap.

Well I hate to tell you this but im not gonna sit back and take it on the chin anymore.

Second life has been in exsistance for 3 years now, and you still havent got it worked out ?
what are you guys doing in the offices ? playing solitaire ?

I want to know why the money im putting into this game isn't being used to FIX the problems the grid has now and returning some of the stability it had once before, instead of nice P.R. to entice more suckers into your web of deception. Your probably thinking "who cares if he leaves we got some cash out of him, and theres plenty more suckers where he came from"

Sorry if this sounds harsh but enough is enough. Im gonna stay for one more month if things havent improved, then my point about you ignoreing the citizens has been prooved.
After that I quit, you can stick your grid where the sun dont shine.

Yours, most annoyed.
Squiz Clifton.