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answer vs. deletion?

Musicteacher Rampal
Registered User
Join date: 20 Feb 2004
Posts: 824
01-19-2007 09:04
why does deletion of irrelevant threads take priority over answering relevant threads?

I know I personally would rather see threads answered and irrelevant threads ignored rather than have the mods. take their time deleting threads that are not questions. Getting your members answers should be the priority here not cleaning up the forums...just wondering what the official policy is though?
Kelly Linden
Linden Developer
Join date: 29 Mar 2004
Posts: 896
01-19-2007 09:28
Hi MusicTeacher. I'm not an official forum mod. I'm actually one of the devs. I do try to help out here in Answers because I think it is important. However a great many of the 'important' questions, I just can't answer. I try to help the other forum mods by cleaning up for *them*, so they have to sift through less to find the questions they can answer.

It has been kinda lonely in here lately though, I should find out what is up with some of my Answers buds.
- Kelly Linden