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Question For Jill Linden

Showdog Tiger
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Join date: 30 Nov 2005
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01-09-2007 06:33
Dearly Darling,

The Second Life Support Lottery has been using the "Give A Gift" option to award our monthy lottery of a Premium Membership. We have always felt that our In-world Charity works very hard to make good, productive citizens in our community. Your removal of this program affected our group. Giving Lindens is NOT the same as giving full citizenship to Second Life. In addition, I was just getting ready to gift one of my RL sisters a Premium Membership...so much for that! Has the company discussed any options for groups or persons such as SLSL and me?

Ever Yours,

Mrs. Showdog Tiger
Dogdom Doge
Jill Linden
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01-11-2007 17:44
Dear Mrs. Showdog Tiger,

My sincere apologies for the delayed response.

Regretfully no, we do not currently have any programs in line to replace "Give the Gift".

We greatly appreciate your support and the intent to give an account. We really like the idea of "Give the Gift" it but it simply did not have enough use to support continuing the program.

If the gift of L$ would not suffice, we might direct you to in world vendors of your choice who might offer gift cards for goods or services for prizes.


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