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Why should we care about these messages?

Argent Stonecutter
Emergency Mustelid
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01-12-2007 22:14
From: Kelly Linden
Here is what is happening:

An object you own in the specified region is trying to do something it can not. One of the following:
- Move onto a full parcel
- Move onto a parcel where you are not allowed*
- Rez on a full parcel
- Rez onto a parcel you are not allowed*

The messages from these errors are sent directly to your client if you are in the region, or nearby.

When too many of these messages are triggered a seperate throttle message is triggered to tell you that we aren't going to tell you about the original messages for a while.
Why should we care about whether these messages are being throttled? In particular, why should we care if we're not in the region to recieve the messages, or we shouldn't be receiving these messages?

Here are the situations where I normally recieve these messages:
- I am flying a plane and I cross a region boundary into a full parcel.
- I am flying a plane and I cross a region boundary into a parcel I am not allowed into.
- A scripted physical bird is trying to fly across a parcel boundary into a full parcel.

In the first case, since I am sitting on the vehicle, it should be counted against the region overhead and not the parcel quota, so I shouldn't be receiving the message at all.

In the second case, the only reason I should be receiving the message is if the ban lines effect me, and in that case I would be bounced off the parcel and only recieve one message. If I receive it more than once it's because I'm getting the message erroneously on region crossing... I shouldn't have been getting it at all.

In the third case, it's legitimate, but since I'm not in the sim to get the messages I probably shouldn't care about them being throttled.

The only time I've got the message and it mattered has been because of a vandal dumping prims on my land, and because of a grid attack starting up. And in both of those cases it was due to *rezzing* on my parcel being blocked. And that's a rare enough event that I probably ought to be getting the messages that are being throttled as well as the throttle message. :)

So what's the situation where anyone whose surname isn't "Linden" (and most people whose surname *is* "Linden";) should need to get a throttle message at all? What am I missing?
Kelly Linden
Linden Developer
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01-13-2007 09:43
The first case is a bug.

The second case is, I think, another bug (where multiple messages are triggered on a single event).

The third case is just one of the reasons. What if you think you have a vendor that rezees objects on your mall property. When you go there it works. But unbeknownst to you it doesn't work when you aren't there.

At the root, it seems like when things don't happen that you expect to happen, then some thing should let you know. That is what this message does explicitely. If one of these actions is blocked then a message is sent. It may be that they are indeed not needed. Maybe we will re-evaluate them after the next patch (with reduced frequency and better wording).
- Kelly Linden