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Does the open source client mean a shift in development efforts?

Nepenthes Ixchel
Broadly Offended.
Join date: 6 Dec 2005
Posts: 696
01-12-2007 21:07
Does the release of the open source SL client mean LL development will be devoting less time to the client than than they do now, focusing instead on grid development?

Do you hope that the ope source community will do what LL can't: fix the major implementation problems in the SL client and tweak for advanced performance.
Kelly Linden
Linden Developer
Join date: 29 Mar 2004
Posts: 896
01-13-2007 09:36
Nope. We are continueing development of the official client. The recent First Look viewer is just one example of future client developments.

Exactly what the open source community will return to us is, I think, is largely unknown at this point. There are a great many possibilities and to a large degree we will just have to wait and see. It is very exciting though. :)
- Kelly Linden