01-11-2007 21:17
Live help is there to help us when we are having a problem within the game. They are the ones that give us a person to person contact and help us deal with issues that are confusing, upsetting or just odd. They are the frontline defense against people leaving because they feel ignored or lost. Otherwise, they wouldn't be called Live Help, they'd be called No Help.

So why is it when a small group of us experience a problem and contact Live Help we are told that "enough. One more person contacts me about so and so (name edited for obvious reason) and I will NOT be happy!"

We were contacting Live Help to report false abuse reports being made against one of our friends and co-workers. Making false abuse reports IS a tos violation after all, and so we reported it, and hoped they would rectify the situation. But this is the reaction that was given to us?

I'm sorry. This is no way to treat your loyal, paying customers. We have the right to report when something wrong has been done. We have the right to speak out about it. We have the right to let you know when we feel you've made a mistake.

Now that I have, I am hoping you will assist to rectify the situation. This is not meant a as a flame, but to let you know you have some serious issues going on with the current system. The abuse filing system as it currently stands does NOT work. Investigations are not being done, and when someone lets you guys know there's been an error... well, you've already seen how we were treated!

Thank you for your time, and your consideration.