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Any update on the lag ?

squiz Clifton
Disgruntled Second Lifer.
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01-10-2007 14:06
I've been able to make very little over the last 2 months, due to the stupid levels of lag and packet loss.
I cant build anything due to the following problems :

1. Any prim I create takes about 5 minutes to actually rezz.
2. Prims re-texture themselves.
3. Prims rotate themselves.
4. Copied prims move back to thier previous locations by themselves.
5. If I delete a prim, i'm lucky if it actually deletes, sometimes I have to re-log to see if they are still there or not.

And thats just the problems with building.
Theres crashing everytime I cross sims, tp'ing to a destination and finding myself unable to move etc etc etc etc.
And right now the region I just crashed in still hasnt logged me out so I cant get back inworld, surprise surprise.

You always brag about just how scalable SL is. So insted of just bragging, why not actually do what you say you can do, and make this a worth while use of my time.
Chadrick Linden
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01-11-2007 16:54
You seem to be having major Bandwidth issues. Have you looked over our Knowledgebase entries on lag, located here:

If this does not help you at all, please send an email to support so we can troubleshoot the issues for you.