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No Autoreturn for Copy Prims?

Winter Ventura
Eclectic Randomness
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01-10-2007 07:45
I have a bit of a concern, that I raised in the blog, but I'm going to put it here in hopes that someone might actually see it.

With the current version release, Sandboxes are being taken off the old autoreturn system. As part of this announcement, it was explained that Objects that were "Copyable" would simply be deleted, rather than being returned.. leaving only the "No Copy" items owned by someone, as returning to "Lost and Found".

As we all know, SL isn't the most stable of online platforms (I know you all try).. It's fairly common to get kicked off the grid several times a day. Most of the dedicated among us will jump back on right away.. But a few might take that as their key to "go to bed already" or whathaveyou. (I know I have occassionally "forgotten" to log back on)

As such, it's quite common to leave a half finished project out in the sand. (Especially with the permissions system that now allows your friends to work on your prims!)

Anyways, here's my worry.

The permissions.
  1. Freshly rezzed prims have an ambiguous status in terms of their permissions. By default, the "Next Owner" permissions are set to [-]mod [-]copy [+]trans. I would therefore *ASSUME* that these "new prims" would be reasonably safe... and would be returned to me at autoreturn. Is this the case?

  2. It is possible to rez out an object that is copyable, but can be modified. Many "Full Permissions" projects change hands back and forth between my friends and colleagues. It's also possible therefore, to take a full permissions (IE copyable) object... and modify it for hours on end. Developing, crafting, and bringing a project from "just the model" that my friend gave me this morning, to a full fledged, scripted, textured, ready-for-prime-time product. This may be the *ONLY* instance of this completed object in existence. But it's copyable. So the sandbox will just vaporize it whenever it feels like it?

I'm a content creator, a partner in several successful businesses, all contributing to the economy, and I work in those selfsame sandboxes.. the idea of having some automated subroutine determine whether my object is "worth returning" frankly insults me. Please consider reexamining the logic behind this return process.

Yes I know, make copies and backups and blah blah blah.. But it's called "Autoreturn" not "auto delete all your work if you didn't save". What kind of assurances can you give the content creators that their work is valuable too, even if they don't own the land it's being built on?

I would rather have all my objects returned to me, and then I can decide what to keep and delete.

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Chadrick Linden
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Hi Winter
01-11-2007 17:04
I understand your concern and will forward it on to the proper people for consideration.