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Known issues not on the known issues list

Ricky Lucero
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01-10-2007 12:31
OK, since I can't ask about the water again because it takes away from your time, I've come up with a much better question:

Why do issues that are "known" not show up on the "known issues" list?

Am I missing something about the "known issues" list? I mean you guys always say that if it's a bug, and it's a "known" bug, that it will be found on the known issues list. But since the water bug is a huge one, and it's not on the "known issues" list, this says to me that it's not known.

You can't tell me it's a known issue, but that it's not on your "known issues" list. This makes me, and everyone else think that it is NOT a "known" issue, and that LL is simply ignoring all of us, no matter how "tricky" the bug is to fix. Thus, it makes me extremely frustrated, and makes me ask you when you're gonna fix the water, or fix "X".

BTW, the Missing water bug is STILL not on the known issues page. So, if you don't want me, or anyone else for that matter, to ask about a known issue, why not put it on the known issues page? So, until you fix the water, I'll be continually asking you where it is, because I can clearly see that you don't care about it because it's not on your known issues

So, in conclusion, why are all known issues not on your known issues list?
Chadrick Linden
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01-11-2007 16:47
The water issue is a known issue. If it's not on the list I'll have someone check to see when it was last updated. Thanks for the heads up!