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HTTP response error question (Hi Kelly!)

Jillian Callahan
Rotary-winged Neko Girl
Join date: 24 Jun 2004
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01-13-2007 18:22
What is a 499 error, exactly?
Kelly Linden
Linden Developer
Join date: 29 Mar 2004
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01-13-2007 20:40
The w3 site doesn't even list 499.

However html-faq (just found through google) says:
From: someone
The code 499 has no fixed meaning in the protocol. It can be used for various purposes as long as it is understood that there is no universal meaning for it, except in the sense that it falls into category "other 4xx codes", i.e. codes beginning with 4 and not equal to any of the defined codes.

The important thing to note is that when doing an llHTTPRequest it is never our servers that return an error code. We just pass the error code that your server gave on to the script.
- Kelly Linden